The face of our planet is changing. On average, 900 million trees are cut down annually, which is roughly 2.5 million trees a day. This is an alarming change that affects not just us, but the planet as a whole. Countless species of animal are losing their homes, and with that number not going down, it is doing harm to our environment in general. I am a single person, and I cannot stop this from happening. I also can't undo what has already been done, however, I can do my part in protecting what we still have. That is why I've decided to donate the proceeds of each purchase from 1837 Supply Co. to help them in their efforts in sustaining the National Parks here in America. 

If you've ever visited any of these beautiful places, you understand exactly what effect they can have on you. If you haven't, I highly urge you to find your park, and experience them first hand. A big part of why I've started this project is to give back to the National Parks.

I owe a lot to our National Parks, and now it's time I do my part. If you feel inclined to donate, with or without purchasing anything from 1837 Supply Co., you can do so here.

We are temporary – our planet shouldn't be.